Territory Management Made Easy

Updated: September 8th, 2016

Territory Creation

Create and modify territories with ease using the Territory Manager. Territories are made up by geographical boundaries (IE, Country, State, Postal Code Range) and assigned to a sales rep. When an account is created, or contacts/opportunities added to an existing account they’re automatically assigned to the owner of the Territory where the account belongs.

Territory Realignments

Easily realign territories by dragging and dropping boundary assignments from one territory to another. If an existing assignment needs to be split (IE. splitting a state or postal code range) click the “split” button to define the split and drag assignments to new territories as needed. When a territory is realigned, all accounts, contacts, and open opportunities can be automatically moved to the new territory owner.

Territory Ownership Changes

When you need to reassign a territory simply add the user to the territory and submit the change. On approval (if approval is necessary) all the accounts, contacts and open opportunities are assigned to the new territory owner.

Mapping Your Territories *NEWLY ADDED*

Our newly added mapping feature allows you to display all of your accounts on a map. Select as few or as many territories as you would like to see displayed, and let Territory Management Made Easy do the rest!

Other Functionality Includes:

  • What If’s. Want to find out how a new territory definition would affect the number of accounts, YTD sales and the pipeline. Make the new assignment and click the “What If’s” button.
  • Exception Accounts. Have an account that exists in one territory but should be owned by a different sales rep? Add the “exception account” to the appropriate territory and problem is solved.
  • Approval Process (optional). If changes require approval, identify the Salesforce.com user responsible for approving and he or she will be notified with every submitted territory change. On approval all changes are made. If no approval is required, submitted changes are initiated immediately.
  • Catch All Territory. If an account is created with a bad address it is assigned to a Catch All territory until it is corrected.
  • Reassign Contacts, Open Opportunities & Open Activities (Optional). Define whether contacts, opportunities and activities should be automatically assigned based on territory owner.
  • Billing or Shipping Address. Ability to indicate whether the billing or shipping address should be used for territory assignments.
  • Territory Snapshots. If your organization likes to keep a history of territory makeup, select to have snapshots taken on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly schedule.
  • Copy/Paste Territory Assignments. No need to type every territory assignment. Copy/paste assignments into the Territory Manager.
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