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Case Study: Ochsner uses Salesforce Community to create "Golden Opportunities" for Seniors

Ochsner uses Salesforce to create Golden Opportunities for seniors


For Ochsner Health System, based in Louisiana, we used to implement a unique program called the "Golden Opportunity" membership. This program is designed to support the well-being of seniors by offering activities and events to encourage an active and engaged lifestyle.


The primary aim of the Golden Opportunity program is to enhance the quality of life for seniors by keeping them physically active and socially connected. By doing so, Ochsner Health hopes to address common challenges associated with aging such as loneliness, reduced mobility, and the increased risk of chronic diseases.


Ochsner Health selected as the platform to create a secure, scalable, and user-friendly platform for its Golden Opportunity community and Touchpoint Solutions to build it.

Golden Opportunity allows members to log in to view and register for various events, receive reminders, and follow up on past activities. The system allows members to choose from a variety of events such as river cruises, wine tastings, educational seminars, and health-related activities including exercise sessions and blood pressure checks​ (Well-Ahead Louisiana)​.

Program Features & Benefits:

Implementing the Golden Opportunity service has provided significant benefits its members:

  • Diverse Activities: The program includes both social and health-related activities. Events range from fun outings like movie days and river cruises to wellness-focused sessions such as blood pressure screenings and exercise classes​ (Ochsner Health)​.

  • Educational Opportunities: Members have access to educational seminars on topics relevant to their health and well-being, conducted by healthcare professionals and community leaders​ (Well-Ahead Louisiana)​.

  • Social Engagement: A significant benefit of the program is its emphasis on building social connections among members. Events are designed to foster interactions, which is crucial in mitigating feelings of isolation among seniors​ (Ochsner Health System)​.


The program has been highly effective in achieving its goals. Members enjoy the rich variety of activities offered, which has led to increased satisfaction and an enhanced sense of community. The platform has not only helped in keeping the senior population physically active but has also strengthened their social ties, contributing to better overall mental health. Testimonials from members highlight the program's impact, with many expressing appreciation for the social connections they've made and the improvement in their quality of life​ (Ochsner Health)​.


Ochsner Health's Golden Opportunity program is a testament to how healthcare systems can effectively use technology like Salesforce to improve patient engagement and community health. This program serves as an excellent model for other healthcare providers looking to support the senior population by promoting an active lifestyle and social connectivity.

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