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Salesforce Accelerators

Born from common business challenges and use cases, our industry-built IP and applications de-risk and accelerate solutions.

Digital Devices

Innovation runs deep around here. Touchpoint Labs bring out time-saving and productivity increasing solution to everyone as packaged Salesforce Apps and Accelerators. Born from from years of experience across multiple industries our accelerators solve complex problems and faster outcomes.


Community Console

Enable partner experience users to provide the same level of customer support as internal CSR's. Including outbound communication with text, email (Gmail) and FB Messenger.

Surveyor Accelerator.png


Automate customer engagement and provide real-time visibility to customer feedback within Salesforce. Best-in-class user and recipient experience.

Hum Texting.png

Automated Outreach

Quickly enable automated messaging and SMS notifications for employees, partners, customers or any custom object. Send and receive text messages.



"Touchpoint has been instrumental in our Salesforce Success! Big or small, the team at Touchpoint is always willing to get to the bottom of an issue. On top of that, their expertise in many products around the platform has helped us improve our adoption and our day to day knowledge of the platform. Touchpoint is the first partner I'd recommend to anyone looking for assistance with Salesforce."

Nick L, Deseret Digital Media

Skyler Adelson

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