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Partner Onboarding

Accelerate Growth with Simple and Secure Onboarding

Onboard your Partners

The partner relationship can be one of the most valuable in your organization. Our Partner Onboarding Accelerator will get your organization up and running quickly. It allows partners to easily and securely complete all necessary forms and signatures digitally, from anywhere at any time.

The onboarding tool consolidates all data from various forms into an easy online application and then populates all required PDF's with the submitted data and eSignatures.

The Accelerator includes the All Aboard app, configuring needed onboarding pages, configuring PDF population and signatures and, as needed, configuring the included Salesforce community for partner management.

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Click to Configure Onboarding Forms

After All Aboard has been installed define an unlimited number of Onboarding Forms.

  1. Define the text, colors, images and links

  2. Separate the data out into logical pages

  3. Add the PDF's that need to be populated with the entered data and signatures.

All responses are immediately captured and related to the caregiver record. The internal review includes verifying uploaded licenses, certifications and other documents are accurate with automation to handle approvals and rejections.

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Binding Signatures Captured

Capture legally binding signatures by utilizing the Salesforce Community functionality. The onboarding process validates the caregiver email address or mobile phone number and logs the person in prior to signature.

All signatures are captured behind the credentials.

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The more Required Forms the more Value it Provides

The more forms required for your onboarding process, the more value this Accelerator will bring. Caregivers can be asked for the same information on more than 10 different forms.

the All Aboard Accelerator allows them to answer each piece of information once and correctly adds it to each form that requires it.

And, unlike DocuSign, there is no per-envelope cost. Whether it's 1 or 100 forms the cost remains constant.

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Included Salesforce Community

The Accelerator includes a Salesforce Community to complete the Onboarding process.

Drag and drop Community components and customize to match your organization's branding.

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