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Accelerators allow you to Quickly & Safely implement solutions

We provide Accelerators for general use as well as industry specific solution.

Caregiver Onboarding

Compliance around caregiver onboard and license management can create a lot of overhead for Homecare, Homehealth and similar companies.

This accelerator consolidates data required for all forms to allow single entry of data, uploading of needed licenses or certifications, includes secure eSignature, populates all required PDF's and makes all final files available in Salesforce for any future action like emailing them to the provider.


It also feeds into the Caregiver License Management accelerator.

*Utilizes Salesforce Customer Community Licenses.

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Tracking employee or 3rd party licensing and renewals can be a full-time job for multiple people. This accelerator manages the process by automating reminders as license expirations approach, escalations when renewals aren't submitted, the upload of renewal licenses and the internal review and approval.

It automates 85-90% of the required effort and allows your team to focus on the remaining 10-15% where attention is needed.

*Utilizes Salesforce Customer Community licenses.

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Accelerate to Value and ROI

Our Accelerators offer great value to businesses by providing customized assistance and expert advice. This enables our clients to quickly tackle complex issues and improve how they use Salesforce. They provide specialized features and support to ensure clients get the most out of their Salesforce investment faster, leading to better performance, higher satisfaction and a very quick ROI.

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Survey Securely

Surveyor provides a best-in-class survey experience completely in Salesforce. This allows a flexible survey application that completely complies with GDPR.

Some of the most common use cases include:

  • Scheduled Customer NPS surveys

  • Automated CSAT surveys following closed cases

  • Client surveys following caregiver support with escalation when poor care was received

  • Employee surveys

  • Anonymous surveys

  • Salesforce community embedded surveys

  • Standard website embedded surveys

Automate your customer or employee outreach and feedback and notifications.

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SMS Texting

Our Hum texting solution helps clients get up and running with text communication quickly. It is built completely on Salesforce and utilizes Twilio texting functionality.

Clients use it as the internal hub for customer, partner and employee communication. It includes a texting console (the Hum Inbox) to manage all communication, and components to be added to any object with a phone number for direct communication.

Additionally, Hum works in Partner Communities to integrate your 3rd party users into the organizational fold.

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Engagement Mgr

Salesforce is great at integrating with email applications and calendars to handle individual events and our Engagement Manager provides the next level of support. Allowing people to sign up for group events.


Some of the more common use cases are:

  • Museums use to allow student groups to register for a group visit

  • Lunch & Learns

  • Community Events (Resume Building, Service Opportunities)

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