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Territory Management Simply Geo

A Simple Way to Manage Territories in Salesforce

Organize Your Accounts to Amplify Your Success


As your enterprise grows, managing customer information becomes a big concern. For businesses that want to define visibility by Territory (with the weight of Salesforce's propriety Territory Management), our Territory Mgmt Accelerator is the answer. It automatically assigns accounts based on Billing Address and gives visibility to the Territory Team. 

The power of the app is in its simplicity.

The Accelerator includes the Simply Geo app, initial setup of all territories and territory teams and training.

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Accelerator Details

To get Territory Management up and running, provide the following and you'll be ready to go in 2 business days:​

  1. Complete the Territory spreadsheet with Names, Territory Teams, Territory Geographies

  2. We will implement Simply Geo and define all Geographies from the spreadsheet

  3. Enable Territory Teams with guidance on your organizational requirements (IE. Public / Private, Account Teams)

  4. Test

  5. Train your team

  6. Enable Accounts


When enabled, all Accounts are assigned to the correct Territory, Account Teams defined and visibility granted (for private orgs). Those that don't match are assigned to a "Catch All" for review

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Involve Your 
Team to Maximize Your Efforts

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The Territory Management Accelerator simplifies territory management. Set it once and let it run. When territories definitions change, simply update the data in Salesforce and rerun the assignment.


The more territories, team members, and accounts you have the more value you'll get. The Territory Mgmt Accelerator will manage account visibility to ensure the right people have the right access to your accounts.


Remove complexity from your data visibility needs.

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