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Salesforce Consulting Services

Elevate your people, processes, and tools with a Salesforce consulting partner aligned to your needs.

Salesforce Implementation

With 15+ years in the business and hundreds of engagements across the entire Salesforce Platform, our team has the experience needed to build and deliver solutions to make your team more efficient and effective. We provide consulting services to answer your unique business challenge, whether it’s automating complex business processes or connecting, integrating, and streamlining systems.

We love to take on the most challenging business problems and create custom Salesforce solutions that make our clients’ lives easier. As an expert Salesforce implementation partner, we can transform your business using the full capabilities of the Salesforce Platform.

Salesforce Integration

In today’s world, we use various apps and systems to accomplish our goals.

Whether that’s instant messaging, data analytics, creating presentations or documents, or monitoring social trends, you probably log in to multiple systems each day outside of Salesforce. Bringing together third-party or custom-built systems into your existing Salesforce instance makes it easier for your team to work together with all of the data they need.

When that happens, how can you make sure your integrations work seamlessly?


Tailored Solutions To Fit Your Need

We provide custom services by tailoring the Salesforce platform to fit your company's unique needs. This ensures that every feature and tool available is aligned with the company's operations, goals, and customer management strategies.


We help you identify and automate repetitive tasks, manage customer relationships more effectively, and analyze data to make informed decisions. You will fine increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, sales. Our Salesforce services provide the tools and insights you need to grow and adapt in a competitive market.

Salesforce Customization

The platform’s out-of-the-box functionality acts as a starting point to tailor its technology to meet the needs of your business, your customers, and users.

A lot can be accomplished by streamlining processes according to your business needs and requirements. We build Salesforce solutions in a variety of different ways. 

  • Configure Salesforce using out-of-the-box functionality

  • Implement AppExchange products and pre-built Silverline solutions

  • Perform custom development for your complex business processes and integrations

Salesforce Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation allows businesses to extend their team’s capacity with dedicated technical resources who act as an extension of the existing team. Salesforce staff augmentation exists as a response to a growing need for specific, niche skills in the specialized ecosystem of Salesforce.

Staffing firms across the globe provide local and offshore Salesforce team augmentation by way of contract work. As the candidate pool of IT resources ebbs and flows from year-to-year, contractor rates decline to remain competitive. This benefits companies as their margins shift to keep up with changing business priorities.


Marketing Cloud and Pardot

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is more than just an email platform. It’s a Customer Experience platform that connects all customer data, providing a single view of the Customer. Marketing Cloud is the platform for delivering relevant, personalized journeys across channels and devices. Simplus’ Marketing Cloud consultants are a team of designers, marketing technologists, and developers who come together to create world-class digital experiences that drive engagement, conversion and lifetime value. We understand the connection between marketing channels and create strategies that support a unified experience.

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