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Case Study: Salesforce & Hospice Services


Serenity Home Hospice, a renowned provider of end-of-life care services, aims to offer compassionate support to patients and their families during challenging times. With a dedicated team of healthcare professionals, Serenity provides personalized medical care, emotional support, and spiritual guidance in the comfort of the patient's home. As the organization sought to improve its care delivery and operational efficiency, it faced challenges in coordinating care, engaging with families, and managing sensitive patient data securely.


The key challenges for Serenity included the difficulty in maintaining seamless communication and coordination among the multidisciplinary care team, which impacted the timeliness and personalization of care. Additionally, Serenity aimed to enhance the support and engagement with families, providing them with timely updates and resources to navigate the hospice journey. Ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and safeguarding patient privacy were also critical concerns.


To address these challenges, Serenity Home Hospice implemented Salesforce Health Cloud, leveraging its comprehensive features to create a more integrated and efficient care delivery system. Salesforce Health Cloud enabled Serenity to consolidate patient records, care plans, and communication logs into a unified platform, accessible by the entire care team in real-time. This integration facilitated better coordination and individualized care planning.

Using Salesforce's communication tools, Serenity established secure and compassionate engagement channels for patients and their families, offering them easy access to information, support services, and direct communication with their care team. This approach fostered a sense of inclusion and partnership in the care process.

To optimize the management of care schedules and resources, Serenity utilized Salesforce's scheduling and analytics features. These tools allowed for more efficient allocation of staff and resources, ensuring that patient needs were met promptly and effectively.

Additionally, Salesforce's robust security and compliance features ensured that all patient data was managed in adherence to healthcare regulations, providing peace of mind for patients, families, and Serenity's staff.


The adoption of Salesforce Health Cloud led to significant improvements at Serenity Home Hospice:

  • Enhanced Care Coordination: The centralized platform improved the efficiency of care coordination by 40%, ensuring timely and personalized support for each patient.

  • Improved Family Engagement: The new communication channels increased family satisfaction by 50%, enhancing their involvement and understanding of the care process.

  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined scheduling and resource management reduced administrative burdens by 45%, allowing staff to focus more on patient care.

  • Compliance and Data Security: With Salesforce, Serenity achieved 100% compliance with healthcare regulations, reinforcing its commitment to patient privacy and data security.


Salesforce Health Cloud transformed Serenity Home Hospice's approach to care delivery, enabling the organization to provide more coordinated, personalized, and compassionate support to patients and their families. By leveraging technology to enhance communication, streamline operations, and ensure compliance, Serenity has set a new standard for excellence in home hospice care. This case study exemplifies the power of Salesforce in meeting the unique needs of the hospice sector, leading to improved outcomes and satisfaction for patients, families, and caregivers alike.

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