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Case Study: Salesforce for Home Health

Updated: Feb 20


Healing Hands Home Health, a leading provider of home health care services, specializes in offering personalized medical care, physical therapy, and assistance with daily activities to patients in the comfort of their homes. As the demand for home health services grew, Healing Hands faced challenges in managing patient information, coordinating care among a diverse team of healthcare professionals, and efficiently communicating with patients and their families.


The primary challenges for Healing Hands included the fragmented systems for patient records, which impeded the seamless flow of information and collaboration among caregivers, nurses, and therapists. This lack of integration led to inefficiencies in scheduling, delays in care delivery, and missed opportunities for providing holistic and timely care. Additionally, Healing Hands needed to improve engagement with patients and their families to ensure satisfaction and adherence to care plans. They also sought to enhance their compliance with health care regulations and safeguard patient data.


To overcome these obstacles, Healing Hands adopted Salesforce Health Cloud, customizing the platform to meet the specific needs of home health care. This solution provided a unified view of each patient's health records, care plans, and interactions, accessible to all members of the care team in real time. By integrating patient data, Salesforce enabled more effective coordination and personalization of care.

Salesforce's powerful scheduling tools were leveraged to optimize the assignment of healthcare professionals based on patient needs, caregiver skills, and geographic location, significantly improving the efficiency of home visits. The platform also facilitated secure and compliant communication channels for engaging with patients and their families, offering them updates on care progress, educational resources, and a direct line to their care team.

To further streamline operations, Healing Hands utilized Salesforce's analytics capabilities to monitor performance metrics, patient outcomes, and satisfaction levels, enabling data-driven decisions to continually enhance service quality.


The implementation of Salesforce Health Cloud transformed the operations at Healing Hands Home Health:

  • Improved Care Coordination: The centralized patient records and real-time data access led to a 30% increase in care coordination efficiency, reducing delays and ensuring more timely care.

  • Increased Patient and Family Satisfaction: Enhanced communication and engagement tools resulted in a 45% improvement in patient and family satisfaction scores, with notable increases in trust and loyalty to Healing Hands.

  • Operational Efficiency: Automated scheduling and streamlined administrative processes reduced manual workload by 50%, freeing up resources to focus more on patient care.

  • Enhanced Compliance and Data Security: Salesforce's platform ensured compliance with healthcare regulations and robust protection of patient data, reinforcing Healing Hands' commitment to privacy and security.


Salesforce Health Cloud provided Healing Hands Home Health with the tools needed to revolutionize their approach to home health care. By enabling more efficient operations, personalized care, and enhanced communication, Healing Hands has set a new standard for excellence in the industry. This case study demonstrates the transformative power of Salesforce in addressing the complex challenges of home health care, leading to improved outcomes for patients and their families.

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