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Salesforce & Skilled Nursing Facilities

Updated: Feb 20


Generations Healthcare, a leading provider of long-term care, rehabilitation, and post-acute care services, faced challenges in managing patient information, coordinating care, and engaging with patients' families effectively. With a growing population of residents with diverse healthcare needs, the facility needed a solution to streamline operations and enhance the quality of care.


Generations struggled with outdated systems that made it difficult to share patient information among healthcare professionals, leading to inefficiencies in care coordination. Additionally, the facility wanted to improve communication with patients' families and provide them with real-time updates on their loved ones' health progress. They also aimed to comply with healthcare regulations while managing sensitive patient data securely.


The facility implemented to transform its patient care and operations. Salesforce's platform provided a unified view of each resident's health records, including medical history, treatment plans, and daily progress notes. This integration allowed healthcare teams to collaborate more effectively and personalize care for each resident.

To enhance family engagement, Generations utilized Salesforce's communication tools to send regular health updates, schedule virtual visits, and provide access to educational resources. This proactive approach improved family satisfaction and trust in the facility's care.

Salesforce's automation features also streamlined administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling, medication management, and compliance tracking, freeing up staff to focus more on patient care. Moreover, the platform's robust security measures ensured that all patient data was handled in compliance with HIPAA regulations, reinforcing the facility's commitment to privacy and data protection.


Implementing Salesforce led to remarkable improvements at Generations:

  • Enhanced Care Coordination: The unified patient view enabled healthcare teams to deliver more personalized and timely care, reducing hospital readmissions by 25%.

  • Improved Family Communication: The new communication channels increased family satisfaction scores by 40%, fostering a stronger sense of community and trust.

  • Operational Efficiency: Automated workflows and streamlined processes reduced administrative workload by 30%, allowing staff to allocate more time to direct patient care.

  • Data Security and Compliance: With Salesforce's secure platform, Generations achieved 100% compliance with healthcare regulations, enhancing its reputation for safety and reliability.


Salesforce revolutionized the way Generations Skilled Nursing Facility managed patient care and operations. By leveraging technology to improve care coordination, engage families, and optimize workflows, the facility set a new standard for excellence in the skilled nursing space. The success story of Generations serves as a testament to the power of Salesforce in transforming healthcare delivery and enhancing patient outcomes.

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